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ClickFunnels Payment Gateways for Supplements

by Organic Payment Gateways

We offer stable, affordable ClickFunnels payment gateways that allow the most common nutritional supplements, vitamins, and homeopathic remedies. In addition, our easily integrated payment processing options support one-click upsells and allow ClickFunnels entrepreneurs to grow their businesses without the risk of a Stripe or PayPal shut down.

Our goal is to help you sell the supplements that your clients love – using the funnel builder you love.

To avoid the risk of a payment processor like Stripe or PayPal holding your money or shutting down your merchant account, ClickFunnels users that sell nutritional products and supplements should use a high-risk merchant account integrated through the NMI payment gateway – and we’d love to help.

If your ClickFunnels business needs a merchant account and payment gateway provider that appreciates the health and wellness community and understands Internet marketing too – we’d love to help. Contact us here, or click the start arrow at the bottom of this page.

With hundreds of thousands of ClickFunnels users in the USA alone and more and more supplement site owners signing up, ClickFunnels is a proven way to create effective sales funnels for all types of health and wellness products.

Because many supplements are banned by both Stripe and PayPal, accepting credit card payments with ClickFunnels can be a little tricky for some high-risk businesses. This is where Organic Payment Gateways comes in. We will provide and set up an NMI payment gateway and supplement merchant account for you that works with your ClickFunnels supplement site. Click the blue Start arrow at the bottom of this page for a free, detailed quote.

Sell nutra-products online using ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is quickly becoming a huge favorite among a variety of e-commerce entrepreneurs. It offers an easy way to create simple, smooth, and professional sales funnels for any product type. On top of this, it gives you great freedom and customizability in landing page design. It allows your site to have great-looking, user-friendly pages that will help you convert visitors to customers in no time.

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Without a partner, like Organic Payment Gateways, finding merchant services that will allow you to accept payments online for supplement products is no walk in the park. Most supplement site owners find it difficult and time-consuming to find the right payment solution for them.

Our mission is to make it easy to find a payment gateway that works with your supplement business while also giving you the freedom to take advantage of everything ClickFunnels has to offer – including our Automatic Account Updater service that will update outdated expiration dates for your recurring billing and One-Click Upsells so that you can easily maximize your revenue.

We’re huge fans of ClickFunnels and have helped hundreds of CF entrepreneurs set up payment gateways that allow them to accept credit cards for their high-risk products. We provide supplement-friendly payment gateways that work perfectly with ClickFunnels. As a supplement e-commerce website owner, you’ll be able to process credit cards for your supplement and natural remedy products in no time. Contact us today so we can help you accept payments online on your supplement ClickFunnels site.

Why it’s hard for ClickFunnels nutra and supplement merchants to find a payment gateway

If you sell natural remedies, homeopathic products, specialty vitamins, or supplements, you’re what’s called a high-risk merchant. Your customers love your merchandise, and the popularity of products like yours has skyrocketed over the last few years.

So, why is obtaining a merchant account and payment gateway for a ClickFunnels supplement business difficult? Because supplements are often considered high-risk by Stripe and PayPal.

As you might know, selling a nutritional supplement has some risks that come with the territory. For example, online supplement merchant accounts are more prone to chargebacks. Unfortunately, this means that fewer merchant service providers are comfortable, or able, to help your business.

At Organic Payment Gateways, we care about your supplement business. We know your customers love your products, and we specialize in payment gateways that work for nutra-products and supplements. We’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to accept credit card payments for the products your customers want.

You can reach us through our contact page any time with questions, or click the Start arrow at the bottom of this page to begin.

Organic Payment Gateways for your ClickFunnels supplement site

With one of the payment gateways we provide, you’ll be able to accept payments online easily for your supplement ClickFunnels site.

The payment gateways we offer work for all kinds of natural remedy products, including:

  • dietary supplements
  • nutritional supplements
  • nutraceuticals
  • CBD and hemp
  • natural remedies
  • homeopathic products
  • beauty skin care products
  • specialty vitamins

Of course, if you sell a product that we haven’t listed above, feel free to get in touch. We’re more than happy to help you set up a payment gateway that works for you.

We care about natural supplement businesses. This is why our mission is to make it as simple as possible for you to sell online while maximizing your funnel’s profits.

The supplement merchant account and NMI payment gateway we provide will integrate seamlessly with your Click Funnel, no matter what supplement niche you specialize in.

Simply contact us today and we can talk through your needs and help you accept credit cards as soon as possible.

Reach out anytime for a nutraceutical payment gateway

Are you looking for a payment gateway that will work for your supplement products and your ClickFunnel site?

Organic Payment Gateways is here to help. With our help, you’ll be able to easily accept credit card payments using the funnel builder you love.

Our mission is to make sure you always have the freedom to sell supplements using the e-commerce software of your choice. Contact us today, or click the blue Start arrow below to begin.

We’ll make it easy for your customers to buy supplements from your ClickFunnels site in no time.