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Checkout Champ payment gateways for supplements

by Organic Payment Gateways

Konnektive CRM is rightfully proud of its smooth, full-featured Checkout Champ e-commerce platform, and at Organic Payment Gateways, we love helping new website owners and established entrepreneurs accept credit cards for, among other things, nutritional supplements using Konnektive’s innovative Checkout Champ e-commerce platform.

We know there are more than enough challenges these days that are tough to overcome when it comes to finding a payment gateway for supplements online. However, we’re here to help.

We’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible to accept credit and debit card payments online for your business. In order to make online credit card processing one of the easiest things on your to-do list, we always look for the best compatible software for high-risk businesses – which we can then integrate with our supplement-friendly payment gateways.

Connecting a high-risk supplement gateway from Organic Payment Gateways to your Konnektive CRM-run business goes a long way to bringing you peace of mind and a smooth-running operation.

Are you looking for supplement-compatible high-risk payment gateways that make it simple and affordable to accept credit cards online? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place. With our experience helping supplement and CBD entrepreneurs, we’re very familiar with the software they use and love. This expertise is a big help when it comes to finding and setting up the ideal high-risk e-commerce solutions for businesses like yours. This also helps us ensure that the gateways we offer integrate incredibly well with a wide range of supplement-friendly software and shopping carts.

If you’re looking for a supplement-friendly payment gateway for your Checkout Champ CRM, contact us here

If you’re curious as to what the Checkout Champ CRM has to offer, then please read on. We’ll cover more details about the Checkout Champ (Konnektive) CRM and how it works for supplement e-commerce businesses.

Why use Checkout Champ (Konnektive) as your supplement CRM?

Freedom of choice and simplicity are some of the most important elements for our clients. This is why we always search for better ways for supplement site owners to gain control of their payment processing – while still having plenty of great features to help grow their online business. Checkout Champ CRM fits the bill to a tee in this regard. It provides online supplement stores with a range of capabilities that are vital to any e-commerce site once it’s paired with one of our recommended supplement payment gateways.

Checkout Champ is particularly useful for supplement entrepreneurs because of its high-risk compatibility.

While offering great features, such as one-click up-sells, FunnelKonnekt (their trademarked sales funnel), and reordering, Checkout Champ CRM also gives you a great overall ease of use. When it’s paired with one of our supplement-friendly payment gateways, the sum of its parts makes Checkout Champ a great fit for supplement e-commerce businesses.

Getting down to the nutra business with the Checkout Champ CRM

Checkout Champ CRM has all the bells and whistles you might expect in a CRM. We all want robust features that make it easier to manage and track products and nutritional supplement sales. Not to mention that access to an overview of customers and “where” they are in the buyers’ journey is invaluable.

Another key element is the overall ease of use. You want to be able to easily add content (like product images, product ingredients, descriptions, etc.), and ideally be able to bulk import your inventory. Sure enough, Checkout Champ ticks all these boxes!

The benefits of using a high-risk compatible CRM

As an online supplement entrepreneur, it’s important that you know you’re running what’s called a high-risk business. While we won’t go into the “why” here – you can find out about the basics of supplements e-commerce on this page. The takeaway here is the same for any high-risk business – it means that there are fewer solutions that will work for you compared to more standard online businesses. Having said that, the good news is that fewer does not mean few!

There are great software and shopping cart alternatives for nutra-supplement e-commerce. When you get your supplement payment gateway through us, we will fully integrate it with high-risk merchant processing. We make sure all the tools you need to grow your business work together like clockwork!

Chargeback and fraud screening

One annoying fact we can’t escape when selling supplements online is that you’re more likely to experience chargebacks. Similarly, supplement e-commerce businesses also experience relatively high fraud rates. This is especially frustrating when you’re starting out selling supplement products online, but it’s always problematic regardless of how mature your business is.

However, there are ways you can deal with this effectively and take reasonable precautions, and we are happy to help. By using one of our provided gateways, integrated into your Checkout Champ CRM, you’ll have all the tools you need to minimize chargeback and fraud rates. It’s all about being preemptive – and we can help you be ready!

Nutritional supplement payment gateways for Checkout Champ

Can nutra businesses use Authorize.Net with Checkout Champ?

Yes. Nutritional supplement businesses can integrate Authorize.Net with Checkout Champ without any issues. Just make sure that your merchant account is specifically underwritten for supplements. This is to avoid disruptions, prevent merchant account shutdowns, and ensure stable payment processing for your nutra business. Our experienced team is committed to guiding you through the setup process and can provide one-on-one assistance by phone or even through a live screen share session. Click the Start arrow near the bottom of this page to begin.

Can nutra websites use the NMI payment gateway with Checkout Champ?

Yes, nutra businesses on Checkout Champ can use the NMI payment gateway. However, like Authorize.Net users, it is crucial that NMI payment gateway customers ensure that the back-end merchant account is underwritten for nutritional supplements. Doing this will help avoid merchant account shutdowns. Click the Start arrow near the bottom of the page to get started with a nutritional supplement payment gateway and merchant account.

Set up your supplement website with Checkout Champ and Organic Payment Gateways today

Do you use the comprehensive Checkout Champ CRM and need a payment gateway for your supplement e-commerce business? Or are you looking for a high-risk and supplement-friendly payment gateway and merchant account to start your supplement business? We’re here for you every step of the way! Our goal and our mission is to make it easy for you to accept credit cards for your supplements online. If you’re ready to start – simply contact us here or click “start” below.

At Organic Payment Gateways, we look forward to giving you the peace of mind you deserve when processing transactions for the supplement products your customers love.