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Supplement payment processing for BigCommerce

by Organic Payment Gateways

Are you a BigCommerce website owner looking for an affordable and easily set up payment gateway that allows supplements? Organic Payment Gateways can help.

We pride ourselves on helping nutritional supplement website owners – like you – find and maintain payment processing that works with the website builder and shopping cart you already use and love.

Plug and play BigCommerce supplement payment processing

We will provide your vitamin or dietary supplement company with a payment gateway that will quickly and easily drop right into your existing BigCommerce website without added coding, premium plug-ins, or customizations.

We believe all legal businesses deserve the same chance at success, and we want to help your BigCommerce supplement site grow.

If you’re already set up with BigCommerce but struggling to accept credit card payments – we can make it painless. Simply get in touch with us today to talk about your business’ needs, or click the blue start arrow at the bottom of this article to begin.

Is BigCommerce a good choice for supplements?

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Yes, BigCommerce is an excellent solution for e-commerce nutraceutical and dietary supplement sales.

Finding a good payment gateway for online dietary supplements can be challenging, though.

This is because selling supplements or nutraceuticals online means that your business is categorized as high risk. Often, this is because supplement sellers experience a relatively higher chargeback ratio.

We love working with nutra website owners who use BigCommerce because of the platform’s flexibility in terms of payment gateway choices. 

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that’s a fantastic fit for many high-risk business types. Why? Compatability. The great thing about BigCommerce is that it’s compatible with the top high-risk payment gateways. This is a godsend for business owners running sites like online supplement stores. The challenge, really, is making sure that the high-risk payment processing is set up correctly.

With our help, you will not only find a payment gateway that works for you and your product type, but we’ll also set it up for you and make sure it runs like clockwork.

Organic Payment Gateways for BigCommerce

BigCommerce has some great features that make it work for site owners who sell high-risk products, like supplements and nutraceuticals. As we mentioned earlier, it allows its users to integrate many different types of solutions. The good news: that includes payment gateways.

Unfortunately, it can still be difficult to choose a payment processor for supplements if you’re not overly familiar with high-risk merchant accounts. This is where we come in. We’ve helped high-risk site owners like yourself, selling CBD or supplements, for years now, and we’ve gained some great expertise. We can set you up with a payment gateway that will not only work for your supplement sales but also with BigCommerce.

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We care about supplement site owners

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of high-risk businesses selling nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. We believe that the ability to sell great products and make your services accessible to those who need them shouldn’t be held back because of your legal business type. This is why we want to help you access similar tools and opportunities that any other business can.

You know your customers will love your products, and we want to help make it easy for you to accept payments for your supplements.

We’ll help set you up with a payment gateway that you and your customers can rely on. With us in your corner and BigCommerce as your website builder – you’ll be able to make your online store thrive.

Sell the products your customers love on BigCommerce

Not only are the BigCommerce shopping cart features helpful for high-risk online stores, but their openness allows us to place you with the high-risk payment gateway that works best for you.

To process supplement payments on BigCommerce, we will still need to set up your payment processing for high-risk products properly. This is where our proven systems and processes come in – we will find a payment processing solution that will integrate perfectly with BigCommerce and help you get your supplement or nutraceutical store up and running.

Supplement payment gateways for BigCommerce

Can BigCommerce websites utilize an NMI payment gateway to sell nutritional supplements?

Absolutely! BigCommerce websites can seamlessly integrate with the NMI payment gateway, allowing secure and efficient payment processing for nutritional supplements. However, it is crucial to ensure that your backend merchant account is specifically tailored for supplement products. This step is essential to prevent disruptions or account shutdowns, ensuring smooth payment processing for your supplement business. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the setup process, providing personalized guidance via phone or even through a live screen share session. Click the Start button below to begin.

Can BigCommerce websites use Authorize.Net to sell nutritional supplements?

Yes, BigCommerce websites can utilize the Authorize.Net payment gateway to sell nutritional supplements. However, it is important to ensure that your backend merchant account is specifically underwritten for supplement products to avoid any potential merchant account shutdowns. Click the Start button at the bottom of the page to learn more or get started with a supplement payment gateway and merchant account.

Contact us today to process supplement payments on BigCommerce

Are you ready to accept payments for supplements on BigCommerce? Or would you like more information about the supplement-friendly payment gateways we can set you up with? Get in touch with us today!

We’re here with a simple mission: to give you the freedom to sell your products on the platform you love. We do this by using our years of expertise and insights to set you up with a payment gateway that will work not only with you – but for you. We’re ready to help you and your business reach new heights!