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Microsoft Dynamics CBD Payment Gateway

by Organic Payment Gateways

Organic Payment Gateways provides payment processing solutions for CBD and hemp products that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) and 365 CRM.

We will set you up with the high-risk-friendly processing tools you need, such as a CBD specific Authorize.Net account. We can also help integrate your Dynamics business software so that you can run your business without having to worry about your ability to seamlessly accept payments for your CBD and hemp products.

CBD processing for Dynamics 365 requires a high-risk payment gateway

Many of the major banks and payment processing companies, including PayPal and Stripe, do not allow CBD-related products to be sold on their platforms because, like many products from regulated industries, they are considered “high risk.”

If you choose to sell CBD products using a traditional payment gateway, including whatever comes built-in with your site builder, you are at risk of having your business’s merchant account shut down, which can be a major setback in providing your customers with the products they love.

Even though selling in a high-risk industry can mean hearing “no” a lot, Organic Payment Gateways can help change that for you. There are plenty of companies out there that want to work with CBD businesses, and we have done the work to help bring you together.

You can accept credit cards online or through your CRM for CBD products while still using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 software that keeps your business organized, efficient, and profitable.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CBD

A lot of business owners are very satisfied with using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) to help manage financial, shipping, and other aspects of business. Some also pair this with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to manage customer relations and marketing. If you have used these efficient and adaptable pieces of software with your CBD business, you will also want to use a payment gateway that can be integrated with them. Authorize.Net is a popular high-risk-friendly payment gateway that Organic Payment Gateways is happy to help you integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 software. We will also suggest, and integrate, a high-risk-friendly merchant account to use with Authorize.Net.

Now is the time for enterprise CBD businesses to gain market share

If you are new to selling CBD, hemp, and/or CBD oil online, you’ve picked a good time to start. You should make sure that, before you start selling, you consult with a lawyer just to make sure the legal aspects of selling a regulated product online are taken care of. There is a lot involved in starting a CBD business, but Organic Payment Gateways wants you to be successful and has already helped lots of CBD/hemp businesses overcome obstacles that stood in the way of reliable payment processing.

Even though selling CBD products means understanding and adhering to many regulations, finding payment processing that works for you does not have to be a roller coaster ride. We believe you should have choices about what kinds of programs to use with your high-risk-friendly processing, and we can get you set up to accept payments online for your CBD products without you having to give up useful programs like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Set up CBD payment processing for your Dynamics 365 software

Contact our team at Organic Payment Gateways to discuss processing payments for your CBD or hemp products. We’re happy to offer personalized service and support. You can continue to use the website and Microsoft Dynamics business management software that you’ve come to depend on with payment processing that’s just right for your business’s unique situation.

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