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Payment Gateways for Telemedicine

by Organic Payment Gateways

Organic Payment Gateways offers telemedicine payment processing that integrates with the most popular e-commerce platforms and patient management systems. Our goal is to allow you to serve your patients using the patient management software and the website you already have in place.

 We have payment gateways for specialized medical software like OptiMantra and KiviCare, plus popular shopping cart integrations that allow practitioners to accept credit card payments for telemedicine using Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, ClickFunnels, and most other popular site builders.

Telemedicine has helped make healthcare more accessible to more people, and more healthcare providers are making it a part of their practice. But unfortunately, many practitioners find accepting credit card payments for telemedicine a challenge.

Organic Payment Gateways is here to help healthcare providers who are looking to start or expand a telemedicine practice. We offer specialized payment solutions so that you can accept credit cards online for your services.

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Why is telemedicine payment processing high-risk?

Most major payment processors consider telemedicine to be “high-risk.” Often, telemedicine providers can’t process credit cards using the payment gateways that are the most popular and easily accessible, which can include those that come built-in with a shopping cart or medical software suite. However, by using specialized payment processing, telemedicine practices can avoid the shutdowns and missing deposits that can come from using traditional payment processors.

There are a few reasons why telemedicine is considered high-risk. For one thing, the outcome of a telemedicine visit is not always as straightforward as simply purchasing an item. So, your telemedicine practice can be more prone to merchant account chargebacks if a patient doesn’t like the results of a session. Also, there is a higher risk of red-tape issues since health care is highly regulated.

Additionally, prescribing medication via telemedicine or engaging in medical marijuana consultations require specific merchant accounts purposefully underwritten for the exact service provided.

To payment processors, the relative loss “risk” of any given telemedicine provider depends on what kind of medical visit is being conducted and what type of advertising (if any) is used. False claims not only result in chargebacks but also cause regulatory issues that can be severe.

A high-risk label doesn’t change the fact that telemedicine is practical and useful – as this popular WebMD article outlines, it can be a huge help for patients in rural areas, those who have difficulty traveling, or anyone who wants to limit their exposure to other patients.

Our team at Organic Payment Gateways has helped many “high-risk” businesses get set up with the payment gateway that works for them and their product or service. As a result, we can offer telemedicine business owners the ability to accept online credit card payments for their telemedicine visits while dramatically reducing the fear of a merchant account shutdown. We believe that you deserve the same ability to get paid for your services regardless of whether they are in person or via an online conversation.

Special considerations for telemedicine payment gateways

While we at Organic Payment Gateways have a lot of experience with online payment processing, we are not attorneys, so anyone looking to get started with telemedicine should consult a qualified attorney before they begin offering telemedicine services online.

Organic Payment Gateways Telemedicine Payment Processing

A traditional telemedicine account is fairly simple to set up. However, a much more careful setup is needed for telemedicine practices that issue prescriptions or state medical marijuana cards. These types of accounts require more planning and design to make sure all of the underwriting bases are covered. Please click the start arrow at the bottom of this page to learn more.

If a telemedicine business owner will be issuing prescriptions or state medical cards or will be dealing with state or federal government insurance payments, they will also need to be especially careful with how their account is set up.

Contact us anytime with questions about payment processing for the type of telemedicine you would like to offer.

Telemedicine payment gateway integrations and compatibility

Organic Payment Gateways can provide a payment gateway for your telemedicine business that is compatible with a wide variety of site builders and other e-commerce software, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Wix.

In addition, our payment processing is also compatible with other customer relationship management software and patient payment services such as OptiMantra. Beyond all-in-one site builders and patient management systems, we offer merchant processing for patient invoicing applications.

Telemedicine and MMJ payment processing for WordPress

Our WordPress telemedicine and MMJ payment solutions cater to providers that use multiple plugins, including the KiviCare patient manager integrated with WooCommerce for seamless payment processing via our telemedicine payment gateways and merchant accounts,

NMI and Authorize.Net for telemedicine merchant accounts

NMI and Authorize.Net are two popular payment gateways that we often use in combination with merchant accounts specifically underwritten for high-risk products or services. The most important thing to be aware of is that your merchant account that connects to the gateway must be set up correctly for the type of telemedicine you offer to be truly high-risk friendly. We can help ensure that each part of your payment processing is customized for your telemedicine business’s specific services.

Was your telemedicine practice already turned down by Authorize.Net?

We often are able to set up businesses with Authorize.Net even after they were declined directly by the Authorize.Net website. This is because we can choose back-end processing that works with telemedicine while only using Authorize.Net for the payment gateway integration.

Please click the start arrow at the bottom of this page to inquire about integrations for your specific practice.

Accepting credit card payments for telemedicine

As the demand for telemedicine services has grown, more and more health care professionals are making telemedicine a part of their practice, which leads to many questions and decisions about how to operate this type of business online. While there are many regulatory issues that a qualified attorney should advise you on, accepting payments for your telemedicine services should not be an obstacle once you have obtained skilled legal guidance.

Our team at Organic Payment Gateways works hard to integrate your payment gateway with the site builder you are using right now and make sure your merchant account is set up correctly.

If payment processors like PayPal or Stripe have rejected your telemedicine business, or you want to be proactive and get specialized payment processing set up correctly the first time to avoid disruptions, contact Organic Payment Gateways with any questions you may have.

We will be happy to talk with you about your telemedicine business and help you find the payment processing that’s right for you. Click the blue arrow below to begin.