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CBD Payment Gateways

At Organic Payment Gateways, we specialize in helping online businesses like yours sell legal CBD and hemp-derived products online using CBD-friendly payment gateways that integrate with all major shopping carts and website builders.

We even offer specifically underwritten CBD-friendly Authorize.Net accounts so you can benefit from all of its features and benefits without worrying about being shut down for selling Farm-Bill-compliant CBD.

Terms like Delta 8, Delta 10, and cannabinol can trigger an immediate decline from most payment gateway providers – even if they are simply mentioned on your website, social media, or blog. But, at Organic Payment Gateways, our staff has the experience and resources to help your website process credit cards for CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 10, products on nearly all major website builders, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and BigCommerce.

Accept CBD credit card payments on your existing website

There aren’t many payment gateway providers that handle such a tightly regulated product reliably and affordably- even though CBD products carry extremely low levels of THC. However, at Organic Payment Gateways, it’s our mantra that you should be free to sell your products online and do so using the e-commerce platform you want.

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As you might already know, over the last few years, the regulation of CBD products has loosened dramatically. This is excellent news for those who want to launch your CBD online store.

Another great thing is that e-commerce platforms have become even more helpful, allowing you to create the online shop you always had in mind easily. With the CBD-friendly payment gateways we offer, you’ll be able to accept credit cards online for the products your customers love.

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How to process payments for CBD products online

In recent years it’s become easier to sell CBD-based products in general, with regulations loosening for the product type. There has been a surge in the quality of e-commerce platforms available to all online shops. This means that two things are improving: e-commerce and CBD sales. In other words, it’s an excellent time to sell CBD products online. At the same time, though, processing credit card payments online for CBD products is no cakewalk.

To successfully set up payment processing for CBD, Delta 8, or Delta 10, you need a website builder whose terms allow your products, a CBD-friendly payment gateway that integrates with your site builder, and a merchant account provider that specifically underwrites all of your products based on a review of your CoA’s (certificates of analysis) and your website.

Few payment gateways and merchant accounts allow CBD – this is where we come in

At Organic Payment Gateways, we make sure that the payment gateway we offer you allows you to accept credit cards online for your CBD-based products. We want to remove the unnecessary complications that often arise when selecting what payment method you have available and what platform you use.

By using the CBD payment gateways and processing services we provide you, you’ll have the freedom to choose Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Click Funnels, Wix, or nearly any other e-commerce platform.

If you plan on selling legal CBD oils, hemp oils, CBD beauty products, CBD skincare, or other cannabidiol-based products – as long as your THC levels are in compliance – we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is get in touch, and we’ll have you processing online payments on your CBD website ASAP.

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Was your CBD payment gateway shut down? Here’s what to do next

Was your Stripe, Square, or PayPal CBD payment gateway shut down or declined? Click here for assistance ASAP. Our CBD merchant account experts will work with you one-on-one to get your online payment gateway up and running as quickly as possible.

Alternatives to Square, Stripe, and PayPal that work with your CBD website

We specialize in helping site owners with CBD-friendly payment gateways that work with their existing website builder. We offer CBD payment gateways to businesses looking for alternatives to the “big three” payment gateways – Stripe, Square, and PayPal.

Why getting a CBD payment gateway is challenging

CBD products are highly regulated from a manufacturing, sales, and distribution point of view. This means that before you start, you ought to get legal advice to make sure your marketing and products are on the up and up.

Selling cannabidiol and hemp products can get very complicated – fast. You’ll need CoAs, a high-risk merchant account, and a payment gateway, all while ensuring your products are beyond reproach and you do not violate any terms and conditions of your providers.

There is good news, though. Over the last few years, payment processing for CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9 and hemp products has become more accessible. With the right guidance, setting up CBD payment processing has never been easier.

Contact us for a CBD-friendly payment gateway today

Your payment gateway should not be holding you back. When you choose Organic Payment Gateways, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to process online payments for CBD products.