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Supplement Payment Gateways

by Organic Payment Gateways

Getting a payment gateway that works for natural remedies and supplements used to be difficult. Without one, it’s basically impossible to process credit cards for your supplements online. Regardless of whether you supply or create the products, in order for you to sell natural supplements and homeopathic products online you’ll need a payment gateway that works for your product type. This is where Organic Payment Gateways comes in – we can provide the supplement payment gateways you’ll need, and that will work best for your online supplements store.

The issue for many is that not all payment gateways work with online supplement shops. Happily, we can tell you that the supplement payment gateways we offer do accept your legal products. Contact us for free using our contact form so that we can make it easy for you to accept credit cards for the products your customers love today.

Over the last few years, more and more people have been focused on improving their health and diet. This has lead to a rise in sales for supplements and natural remedies. As a consequence, there’s a continued growth in popularity and demand for supplements today. This makes it a great time to start selling supplements and other natural remedies. This is, of course, not surprising to those who’ve already launched – you know your customers love your products.

How to sell nutraceutical and supplement products online

While many also have a physical store, the benefits of selling online are obvious. You can reach and help far more people online than through a brick and mortar shop. However, it’s still true that finding a way for your online supplements shop to accept and process online payments is difficult. This is because your business is in the high-risk category. Luckily, through the supplement payment gateways we offer, you’ll be able to accept payments online no matter which e-commerce platform you’re selling from.

Supplement Payment Gateways - content imageWe want to give you the freedom you deserve when selling supplements online. With the supplement payment gateways we provide, you can choose whatever platform you’d like to build your site and start selling. Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce are obvious big brand platforms that many prefer, and we’re glad to say that the supplement payment gateways we offer are fully supported through these platforms. What’s the point of having these great e-commerce platforms if you can’t sell your products on them? That’s why we make sure that the supplement payment gateways we provide will work both with your products and the platform of your choice. In other words: Yes, you can sell supplements on Shopify when you choose one of the payment gateways we provide. We’re also happy to say that you can easily sell supplements using WooCommerce on WordPress with a payment gateway from us.

We’re always available to talk about your business to make sure you have the supplement payment gateway you need. You can always reach us through our contact form or through our site.

Why it’s difficult to sell supplements and natural remedies online

As you might know, it’s can be quite challenging to start selling natural remedies and supplements online, especially without help. The reason is that these products are often tightly regulated. This means that businesses selling them are categorized as high-risk. What this means is that there’s more risk involved for those who sell and process payments for these products. In short, without some expert assistance, you’ll probably face a lot of frustration finding what you need in order to accept payments online. What we want to do is change this for you.

With the supplement payment gateways we offer, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll be able to sell your supplements and natural remedies online.

The supplement payment gateways we provide work for a whole range of supplement and natural remedy products. Our payment gateways will work for you, whatever legal supplement you sell, including:

  • homeopathic products,
  • dietary supplements,
  • vitamins,
  • minerals, or
  • skin care supplements.

This means that you can set up a Shopify or WooCommerce store for your natural remedy products and still process card transactions. The supplement payment gateways we provide allow you to use the platform you want.

Contact Organic Payment Gateways for supplement sales today

Do you need help setting up payment processing for your first online supplement store? Or are you already well-established selling supplements online and want to see if the supplement payment gateways we offer can be of benefit to you? Feel free to reach us through our contact form, or you can contact us on our website – we’re always available.

We’re more than happy to help you with your supplement payment gateway needs. We’re here to make payment processing as easy as possible for you. We want to give you the freedom to choose what platform you want for your supplement site, without it impacting your payment processing.

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