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Payment gateways for skincare products

by Organic Payment Gateways

For years, Organic Payment Gateways has provided specialized payment processing for hundreds of skin care-related websites that are considered “high-risk.”

We help website owners accept credit card payments for their collagen, ceramides, and supplement products online, using whichever site builder they want.

Why do skin care products require high-risk payment processing?

Skincare products probably do not seem like they would fall under a “high-risk” label. Their purpose is generally to provide nourishment to help maintain your skin’s health, and that’s not exactly a risky endeavor. But when it comes to skincare, most products are not heavily regulated by the FDA, making them more prone to chargebacks. There is also the chance that some companies will make wildly inaccurate claims about their products and give the industry a bad name, which is unfortunate for the vast majority of skincare companies that don’t do that. Either way, the result is that skincare products are considered “high-risk” by most merchant account providers and payment gateways. Fortunately, despite the “high-risk” label, online skincare companies still have options for reliable payment processing.

High-risk payment processing

At Organic Payment Gateways, we’ve seen what can happen when a business in a high-risk industry uses traditional payment processing from companies like Stripe, PayPal, or Square. Often, it ends with a shutdown payment gateway or frozen merchant deposits. We want to help save you that headache. By using high-risk-friendly payment processing, you can accept payments for your collagen, ceramides, and other skincare products your customers love without worrying.

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Freedom to choose the shopping cart that works for you

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We believe that high-risk businesses should have access to the same tools and opportunities that other companies have. That’s why we offer payment processing that our team can help you integrate with the site builder you’re already using. You don’t have to rebuild your skincare product website on a new platform to be able to accept credit card payments online for your skincare products.

WooCommerce, Shopify, and Wix are just some of the web platforms we can integrate with high-risk-friendly payment processing. There’s no reason why your product type should cause you to miss out on using the platform that works best for you.

You know that your customers appreciate the collagen-based products, ceramides, and skin creams that you sell. A high-risk label definitely does not need to interfere with the basic process of accepting payments for those products.

 Get in touch with Organic Payment Gateways today for prompt, professional service. We will set you up with payment processing that works for you and your business. You can also click the “Start” button below to begin.