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Telemedicine and MMJ card payment processing for WordPress

by Organic Payment Gateways

At Organic Payment Gateways, we understand how frustrating it can be to find reliable, affordable telemedicine and medical marijuana card (MMJ card) payment processing – even when using open-source systems like WordPress.

We will help you set up and integrate telemedicine-friendly payment processing solutions that work seamlessly with popular WordPress payment plugins and patient management systems.

Our team is committed to working with you to find the perfect WordPress credit card processing solution tailored to telemedicine providers and medical marijuana card issuers, making your business more efficient and user-friendly.

Navigating the high-risk landscape of telehealth payment processing

Telehealth payment processing is often considered high-risk due to the stringent regulations surrounding the industry. This means that common payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Square often prohibit high-risk accounts or make it difficult for businesses to operate smoothly. This is particularly true for medical marijuana card issuance via telemedicine, which adds another layer of regulation and complexity to the mix.

With the ever-growing telehealth sector, the need for secure and reliable e-commerce solutions is real. That’s where Organic Payment Gateways comes in. We specialize in providing telemedicine and medical marijuana card practices like yours with payment processing solutions that work with your existing software and systems, allowing for a smooth and hassle-free experience for both practitioners and patients.

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Infographic. Organic Payment Gateways. WordPress payment processing for telehealth and MMJ cards.

Kivicare plugin: Telemedicine & MMJ payment processing

This seamless integration allows you to accept credit card payments from your patients while utilizing the powerful patient management features of Kivicare. With Organic Payment Gateways’ expertise, you can easily navigate the high-risk landscape and offer your patients secure, reliable payment processing.

WooCommerce telehealth and MMJ card credit card processing

WooCommerce is an extremely popular WordPress plugin that allows healthcare providers to accept payments easily – as long as the payment gateway and merchant account are specifically set up for telemedicine – that’s where we come in.

By integrating a telemedicine and MMJ payment gateway with your WooCommerce plugin, Organic Payment Gateways enables telehealth providers like you to process credit card payments without any surprises or hiccups.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you easily integrate the right payment processing solution that works seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce, and your telemedicine business. We understand the unique challenges of the telehealth industry and are committed to providing top-notch service and support to ensure your success. We’ll even hop on the phone or do a screen share to walk you through every step of the integration process!

One popular patient management plugin for WordPress is Kivicare. With its comprehensive features and ease of use, Kivicare has become a go-to solution for many telemedicine practitioners. At Organic Payment Gateways, we’re proud to offer our telemedicine and medical marijuana-friendly payment gateway integration with Kivicare’s Telemed solutions via WooCommerce’s broad and user-friendly payment integrations.

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Can telehealth WordPress websites use Authorize.Net?

Yes, telehealth WordPress websites can use the Authorize.Net payment gateway. It is important, though, to make sure that the back-end merchant account is specifically underwritten for telehealth. This step is essential to avoid merchant account shutdowns.

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Can telehealth WordPress websites use an NMI payment gateway?

Absolutely! Telehealth WordPress websites can integrate seamlessly with the NMI payment gateway, providing secure and efficient payment processing.

However, ensuring your back-end merchant account is specifically tailored for telehealth services is very important. Why? Because this step helps prevent disruptions or account shutdowns, providing stable payment processing for your telehealth practice.

Our experienced team is committed to guiding you through the setup process, and we will even assist you one-on-one by phone – or even a live screen share – should you ever need support. Just click the Start arrow below to begin.

Accept payments for telemedicine or MMJ cards using the website and systems you already know

At Organic Payment Gateways, we believe in making things as easy as possible for our clients. That’s why we’re committed to helping medical practitioners process credit card payments using the software and systems they already have in place whenever possible. Our integration experts will work with you to find and integrate the ideal credit card processing solution for your telemedicine or medical marijuana card business.

With our extensive experience in the high-risk payment processing industry, we’re confident in our ability to help you navigate the complex world of telehealth payments. Let us be your partner and help you ensure a smooth, secure, and user-friendly experience for your patients and office staff.

Set up a WordPress telehealth or MMJ card payment gateway the right way – the first time

Organic Payment Gateways is your one-stop shop for telemedicine and medical marijuana card payment processing solutions. With our expertise and dedication to client satisfaction, we can help you integrate the perfect payment gateway with popular WordPress plugins like Kivicare and WooCommerce – among many others.

Don’t let the high-risk nature of telehealth payment processing hold you back. Partner with Organic Payment Gateways and focus on growing your practice while we handle the payment processing for you.

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