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Supplement payment gateways for Microsoft Dynamics

Organic Payment Gateways offers e-commerce and CRM payment processing solutions. Our integrations help nutritional supplements businesses run with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our goal is to help your supplement business accept payments easily using the software you have in place.

Integrate high-risk payment processing into Microsoft Dynamics 365

High-risk-friendly payment processing means you can operate without fear of having your accounts shut down because your product type is prohibited by most banks and payment companies like PayPal, Stripe, or Square. We can help you integrate supplement specific merchant accounts using Authorize.Net with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 business software to keep things running smoothly.

Supplement payment processing for Dynamics 365 Business Central and 365 CRM

If you are one of the many e-commerce business owners that uses software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and/or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to manage their business, then you know how well these programs help merchants keep track of the many details involved in running a business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a whiz at managing information for products, financials, and more, while CRM is focused more on sales and customer relations. Either program, or both together, can be excellent components of an online supplements business.

Supplement companies need payment gateways tailored to their systems and products

One thing that doesn’t always help your business is the fact that nutritional supplements and vitamins products are categorized as “high-risk.” Despite how much you and your customers love your products, businesses in the health supplements industry, like many other high-risk industries, can be more prone to chargebacks. Because of this, traditional payment processing companies are often not willing or able to work with merchants who sell high-risk products like nutritional supplements.

This is also why most popular payment processors are not a good fit for high-risk businesses. If a merchant who sells high-risk products just uses the payment gateway that their bank recommends or that comes with their site builder, they are at risk of getting their accounts shut down.

Fortunately, you have many more options besides just what is popular. We at Organic Payment Gateways have lots of experience working with companies that sell a wide variety of supplements and vitamins and can get you set up with the payment gateway and merchant account that are right for your business. You can continue using Microsoft Dynamics 365 software to take care of other business details, and your high-risk-friendly payment solutions can be seamlessly integrated with it.

One payment gateway merchant account interface that works well for many e-commerce supplements businesses is Authorize.Net paired with high-risk payment processing. Organic Payment Gateways can help you integrate our high-risk-friendly payment solution with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 software that you’ve come to rely on. We will recommend a high-risk-friendly merchant account, so that you’ll be able to sell your supplements with peace of mind, knowing that all the different pieces of your payment processing are right for your product type and for you.

You’ve worked hard to build a business and you believe in your products. Our team at Organic Payment Gateways wants you to continue to succeed and can provide you with one-on-one support throughout the process of setting up the high-risk-friendly payment solutions that work for you. You don’t have to change your website or your Microsoft Dynamics 365 software in order to accept credit card payments for the nutritional supplements that your customers are happy with.

If you are new to high-risk payment processing based e-commerce and are doing your research, don’t let the “high-risk” label scare you. We can help.

Get started with supplement payment processing for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Contact Organic Payment Gateways to discuss your needs and how we can help your e-commerce business get set up to process payments for vitamins, supplements, health products, and more. We have done the work so that you don’t have to spend hours of your valuable time hunting down each piece of the high-risk payment solutions puzzle.

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