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Konnektive – weight loss supplement payment gateways

by Organic Payment Gateways

At Organic Payment Gateways, we love helping exciting entrepreneurs and busy business owners accept credit card payments for their products more efficiently and reliably. From our perspective, too many weight loss supplement site owners are having difficulty getting their hands on the payment gateway they need. Happily, we can find just the right payment gateway for your weight loss business. What we mean by “just the right” gateway is that it’s ideal for your product type but also integrates with the e-commerce software you use, for example, Konnektive.

With a “here to help” attitude and a smile, we’ll pair you with the supplement-friendly payment gateway that gives you a leg up and helps you grow your business.

Are you ready to start accepting payments for your Konnektive-run weight loss supplement business? Contact Organic Payment Gateways today. Use the blue start arrow ↓ at the bottom of this page or reach us here to learn more!

Read more below about successfully accepting payments for weight loss products and supplements using Konnektive.

How to process weight loss supplement payments within Konnektive

Konnektive weight loss supplements - the basics - Organic Payment Gateways - content imageWithout a high-risk payment gateway, it’s practically impossible to sell weight loss supplements online or by phone. So, no matter whether you resell, dropship, or manufacture your products, you’ll need a payment gateway that integrates with your shopping cart and customer relations management (CRM) system.

Getting a payment gateway that works for weight loss supplements (or “pseudo pharmaceuticals” as some payment gateways incorrectly refer to them) used to be complicated. Luckily, with us in your corner, that has changed.

To sell your products online, you need to use a high-risk merchant account and payment gateway. With these processing tools at hand, you can reliably, safely, and confidently accept payments. If you’re unsure how to get started, contact us here or use the “start” button below.

We’ll pair you with a weight-loss-supplement-friendly payment gateway and integrate it with your Konnektive CRM for you. Leaving you to do what you do best – sell, market, and run your weight loss supplement business.

Why it’s hard to sell weight loss supplements online

If you’re new to selling weight loss supplements, you’re probably somewhat surprised at how challenging it is to get the payment processing you need. While we won’t dive into the “why” too heavily here, you can read more about the basics of supplement e-commerce here. However, we have already touched upon one of the challenges: some merchant service providers incorrectly use the term “pseudo pharmaceuticals” for your business. Regardless of how incorrect the terminology might be, the reality is that many processors do use that classification.

The regulations that apply when selling weight loss supplements are also elements that make your business high-risk from the perspective of financial institutions and credit card issuers.

The good news is that just because there are fewer options doesn’t mean that you don’t have options. We’ll set you up with the high-risk merchant services you need to accept payments with ease. We have years of experience helping supplement businesses use a wide range of shopping carts, e-commerce software, and platforms. So, if you want more information or if you’re ready to start, then contact us today.

The benefits of Konnektive as a weight loss supplement CRM

When running a high-risk business, it’s always a good idea to use high-risk-compatible software. Whether it’s payment software, accounting software, or CRMs. The more compatible it is with your specific business type, the better. Using the Konnektive CRM gives you that advantage.

In addition to being compatible with the weight loss supplement industry, it also provides you with all the features and capabilities you want from your CRM.

Konnektive offers excellent features, including one-click up-sells, FunnelKonnekt (their trademarked sales funnel), reordering capacity, and many more. Generally speaking, Konnektive CRM is very user-friendly, and we lean into that user-friendliness. When we integrate Konnektive with one of our supplement-friendly payment gateways, you’ll have a great CRM for your weight loss supplement e-commerce business.

Chargeback and fraud screening

One particularly frustrating thing about selling weight loss supplements is that you have to prepare for chargebacks. Upfront fraud screening is a necessary precaution when running any supplement business.

With our help, you can take precautions to deal with these negatives efficiently and reasonably. By integrating your Konnektive CRM with one of our provided weight loss supplement gateways and fraud detection resources, you’ll have the tools you need to minimize chargeback and fraud rates. We’ll help you be preemptive and reduce risk. We’re ready to help!

Contact Organic Payment Gateways for a weight loss supplement payment gateway

Are you ready to get your high-risk-friendly payment gateway set up for your Konnektive weight loss supplement business? Then contact us at Organic Payment Gateways below.

We’ll find the best gateway and merchant account for your unique business. We’ll integrate it on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your customers’ payments go through.

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to accept credit cards for your weight loss supplements online. So, if you’re ready to start – simply contact us here or click “start” below.