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Hemp payment gateways for ClickFunnels

by Organic Payment Gateways

Selling hemp-based products on ClickFunnels, or any other platform can be a real struggle if you don’t have the right payment gateway and processing set up.

Finding the right merchant account and payment gateway can be complicated if you’re not very familiar with what to look out for. Even small details can make a big difference when it comes to finding the best way to accept credit card payments for hemp products online – let alone what platform is best and whether it will work with the merchant services you’ve found.

We love helping entrepreneurs in the exciting industries of online hemp, supplements, and CBD sales. We want to do all we can to make it easier for you to sell the products your customers love.

ClickFunnels has one of the best all-in-one funnel creation solutions out there, and you won’t have to worry about being able to use them to sell your products effectively.

At Organic Payment Gateways, we’re firm believers that all legal businesses deserve the same chance to succeed and grow. Hemp products are increasing in popularity, and people love your hemp products. Your ability to accept credit card payments shouldn’t hold you back, and we’re here to help. If you’re new to selling hemp goods online or you’re looking for a new or different payment gateway, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss ClickFunnels, hemp e-commerce, and what to keep in mind when setting up your payment processing.

What ClickFunnels is best at

ClickFunnels is a great e-commerce software solution; it allows you to create webpages and landing pages in a funnel system that you can automate and manage with minimal effort. Creating beautiful landing pages that convert leads is crucial for any e-commerce site. However, where ClickFunnels excels is that it makes it very easy for you to market your products. Your hemp-based e-commerce site, therefore, easily integrates with various social media. With beautiful, converting landing pages, what more could you want?

Any business should have the opportunity to run their e-commerce site as smoothly as possible. The good news is that ClickFunnels is very intuitive, simple to use, and focuses on making the journey from discovery to purchase as short as possible to increase conversions. One way they achieve this is through on-page payments on the landing pages. However, and perhaps more importantly, when selling hemp goods, is that you can easily set up ClickFunnels with high-risk payment gateways (we’ll get back to why this is important very soon).

What you need to know about accepting credit cards for hemp online

When selling any kind of hemp or CBD based products, you face a range of challenges. The most defining task, beyond qualified legal advice, is probably finding a merchant service provider that’s ready to help you accept payments. This is because ever-changing regulations make traditional merchant service providers, banks, and financial institutions a little wary. This can become frustrating when you’re just starting out, and you’re unaware that standard merchant service providers are either unlikely or unable to help.

We believe that when you’re selling legal hemp products, like oils and cosmetics, you’re selling a product that people love and are actively looking for. It makes no sense that you should be hindered by your ability to accept payments for your products. This is why we’re providing articles like this one. We want to make sure you have the information you need upfront to make the best decisions you can for your business.

High-risk payment gateways are a must

What you might already know is that you need a high-risk payment gateway to sell CBD products on ClickFunnels. The reality is, if you sell any hemp products, regardless of their CBD or THC content, you still should choose payment processing carefully.

The fact that ClickFunnels makes it easy to market, manage, and sell your products and that it’s compatible with our high-risk payment gateways make it a great platform for hemp e-commerce, CBD-based or not.

Why Organic Payment Gateways is a great fit for ClickFunnels

At Organic Payment Gateways, we will take the time to make sure the payment gateway we recommend works perfectly with your business and ClickFunnels. Accepting credit cards for hemp goods on ClickFunnels should be simple, quick, and last for the long haul. We’re here to help you make that a reality.

With our experience and expertise helping business owners selling a variety of CBD products online, we know we can find the best possible solution for your unique business.

In short, if you need a CBD friendly high-risk payment gateway for your hemp-based e-commerce site, contact us now! We’re more than happy to talk you through various options and help you through the entire process – start to finish. You can contact us here or click “start” below.