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Washington, DC, Vermont, and Colorado lead the CBD e-commerce revolution

by Organic Payment Gateways

We recently reviewed our internal data, and the number of inquiries from online CBD start-ups looking to accept credit cards over the past 12 months revealed some surprises, along with some expected results.

States with the highest CBD e-commerce interest

As expected, Washington, DC, Vermont, and Colorado had the highest rates of online CBD start-ups when adjusted for population. Due to the long history of cannabis acceptance in these states, this information is not surprising.

States with the fewest CBD payment gateway inquiries

The low density of start-up inquiries from places like Utah, Louisiana, Arkansas, the Carolinas, and the Dakotas is also not surprising, given the historically restrictive cannabis regulations in those states.

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What is there to learn from our CBD start-up data?

Our internal data reflects the number of new CBD sites inquiring directly about online payment processing, adjusted for population. Our broad national reach makes this data an interesting snapshot of the growing CBD e-commerce market.

States like Virginia, Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma are reasonably tolerant of CBD. The healthy level of online CBD start-up inquiries from business owners in those states accurately reflects their regulatory environments.

States that have more lax regulations generate more online CBD processing inquiries than those that don’t.

Although most did, not all states lined up with our expectations. California and Oregon, for example, show only modest activity when adjusted for population. Why? Possibly due to the maturity of their markets coupled with the recency of our data.

Who is Organic Payment Gateways?

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