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Shift4Shop 3dcart CBD Payment Gateways

3dcart may have changed its name to Shift4Shop, but for its loyal customers, there has never been a better time to start a website dedicated to hemp, CBD, and other legal cannabidiol products.

* NOTE: Although existing users are grandfathered, Shift4Shop is no longer allowing NEW users to add 3rd party CBD friendly payment processing.

You can read more here: https://support.3dcart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1075/0/faq-removal-of-paid-shift4shop-plans

When it comes to selling CBD online, advances in e-commerce software and payment gateways make creating and running an online business more accessible than ever.

Despite all these developments, web-based merchants often still face difficulty. Due to CBD’s relationship to cannabis, many payment processors hesitate to provide their services to websites offering CBD products. Their concerns about intensive regulations have led to the labeling of the CBD industry as “high-risk.”

Thankfully, CBD entrepreneurs can find e-commerce platforms and payment processors that are willing to work with them. 3dcart/Shift4Shop is one such platform. Our team here at Organic Payment Gateways works hard to help folks use the platform they already use and love – and we find many CBD clients love Shift4Shop.

The benefits of building a CBD store with Shift4Shop

Setting up an online store can be tough enough without the extra hurdle of working in a high-risk industry. Anyone who dreams of owning a web-based business should look for a solution that removes as many obstacles as possible. Shift4Shop’s developers designed their platform to be extremely user-friendly, even for e-commerce beginners.

Shift4Shop knows that even the smallest businesses deserve access to essential features. That is why signing up at their lowest tier still provides users with more than enough tools to find success with their online CBD store.

Extensive site design personalization

Anyone passionate enough to start their own business likely has a vision for how it will look and feel for their customers. Shift4Shop helps folks realize those visions by offering customization on just about a level. Users can stick with one of their mobile-friendly themes or retool and fine-tune them as desired.

Easy integration with Organic Payment Gateways

One major highlight that makes Shift4Shop stand out is its selection of payment processors. They offer more than any other platform of its kind. We have a host of gateway and processing options that work with nearly all legal CBD businesses in the US. If you’d like to get started, simply click the blue Start arrow at the bottom of this page.

Organic Payment Gateways for CBD Shift4Shop Websites

Due to the nature of the industry and the regulations surrounding the industry, CBD store owners could use all the help they can get. Shift4Shop makes it easy by including high-risk payment processors. However, some gateways are friendlier to store owners than others. How could you know which ones are best for your store’s needs?

This is where Organic Payment Gateways enters the picture. We will help set up a CBD payment gateway on your site that works with the shopping cart and layout you already love.

Keeping CBD shops out of legal trouble

The government is gradually relaxing its stance on the sale of CBD. With that said, regulations are still stringent. Some laws are genuinely crucial for keeping customers safe and informed. Some see others as holdovers from less educated times or reactions to misinformation regarding the nature of the cannabinoid. Businesses that do not abide by these rules, whether by accident or on purpose, could get in serious trouble. Always reach out to an attorney with any questions.

Selecting the friendliest CBD payment gateways

Not all Shift4Shop CBD payment gateways are created equal. Some are less user friendly, and many prohibit certain products. Then there is the matter of the rates they charge for each transaction. The variations between these rates can make a difference in how much sites profit from each sale. Smaller businesses may be especially vulnerable to the consequences of working with a particularly pricy processor.

Not all CBD payment gateways are created equal, nor should they be. What matters is finding the ones that are right for your store and your needs.

Sell the CBD products your customers want

One of the perks of using Shift4Shop is that every plan, even those with the lowest prices, permits an unlimited number of product pages. This means that the platform’s users can sell as many unique items as they want. Store owners who dream of offering a wide variety of products have the chance to build a veritable CBD superstore.

There is a huge market out there, and different enthusiasts have their preferred methods of CBD intake. Some prefer topical ointments, while others vape it, sip it, or drip it. Fans of the compound also use it for different reasons.

Contact us today for a Shift4Shop CBD payment gateway

Offering CBD products online can be challenging, but it does not need to be excruciating. Store owners just need the right tools and the right knowledge. Shift4Shop is excellent at providing those tools. Organic Payment Gateways is excellent at showing merchants how to use them. Steering CBD stores to success is our mission, and we are always happy to help – just click the blue Start arrow below, and we’ll get to work for you.